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Here’s a little look at our extensive range of seafood products.


the Favorites

What We’re Known For 

Jellied Eels

A Traditional East-End London Delicacy, ideally served with Malt or Chili Vinegar &  White Pepper and accompanied by a slice of “Thick Crusty Bread”.

Peeled Prawns

Boiled at Sea as soon as they’re caught, then housed in Brine to capture the freshness & sweetness. They have an opaque & pale orange flesh.


Straight from the Salt Seabeds & Beaches of the renowned “Home of the Cockle”: Leigh-on-Sea. Best served with a Vinaigrette & Brown Bread.

Product | Weight | Sell-by-period

Jellied Eels (DUTCH FARMED)

150 grams

21 Days

peeled prawns (in brine)

150 grams

28 Days

mussels (chilean)

150 grams

28 Days

cockles (leigh-on-sea)

150 grams

28 Days

whelks (cooked)

150 grams

28 Days

crayfish (in brine)

150 grams

28 Days

crab flake with prawns (in mayonnaise)

150 grams

14 Days


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