Billingsgate Bites

Our Service 


We at “Billingsgate Bites” aim to provide our clients fresh, individually packaged seafood products that you can supply to your customers with a simple handover.

The Billingsgate ‘How To’


To begin receiving our specialised range of products, firstly complete our online application form to register your Company’s details onto our system. 

Once your credentials have been accepted, one our representatives will supply you with a SubcCold fridge as your point of sale unit free of charge alongside a “starter pack” selection of 7 different seafood options, encased in individualised 150g containers.

Each & every one of our containers are carefully produced and clearly labelled with our products’ unique nutritional information and sell-by dates.

Then, upon the receipt of your first order with us we will then ask you for payment for our “starter pack”, which then manufacturers on to forthcoming orders. Therefore, you are always one order in credit for our stock.

For more details on this process, go to our Online Application Form Page. 


Our team are realistic here at “Billingsgate Bites”. We realise that trends and clients change with the times, and that this can affect your business model. So in the rare case that you come to no longer require our services, we will simply collect the supplied SubcCold unit, request that you settle your final invoice with us, and that’s it. There are no contracts to tie you down. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the quality and longevity our seafood, without the addition of any ‘unfriendly’ additives. With our fully-sealed robust packaging and vinaigrette dressing, we can ensure the extended shelf-life of our product-line giving you an excellent opportunity to sell, and shrinking the opportunity for wastage.

Our Vision

We want to assist local businesses in developing their company profile in these difficult times by offering “something different – something special”, as well as nurturing their finances.

So feel free to call or email a member of our dedicated sales team on our contact page and we will be in touch!         


We Can’t Wait to Serve You!

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