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If you are looking for top quality fresh fish & seafood to tickle the tastebuds of your adorning hungry customers, then cast your line no further, you’ve got your catch of the day right here!

We are Billingsgates Bites, and providing you with the Ocean’s delicious delights is our passion.




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About Us


Billingsgate Bites are fish suppliers with expert buying experience in the field. 

We appreciate that customers want to feel as if they are communicating directly with the source when purchasing their fish & seafood; be this fisherman or vessel.

Our aims are to assist you, and pass on our extensive knowledge & experience of the industry to ensure that you get the best products available on the market, from sustainably conscious sources.  

THE OCEAN Reimagined

We take pride in presenting your seafood to you in our pristinely packaged pots so that your much deserving customers can enjoy their fish served as their main meal, as a side to accompany any dish, or simply as a tantalisingly tasty snack to eat at the table together with a refreshing drink.  

Fresh Ingredients

Daily supplying only the freshest caught fish & seafood to our customers all over the United Kingdom  at unbeatably affordable prices. 

We sustainably source all of our seafood straight from the sea, quality checking every piece so that you can rest assured that you are only eating the highest grade fresh fish & seafood. 

Flexible delivery

Our pots are equally as easy to enjoy as a takeaway to eat later at home, with a chilled shelf life averaging 28 days. 

So whether it arrives at your pub, bar, restaurant or specially delivered to your home, there is no need to be shellfish! 


A Fresh Approach to Food 

When we say we check every piece of seafood we package for delivery to you, we mean it.

Delightfully fresh food matters to us, which is why we hold good relationships with a number of local markets and coastal fishermen to provide a true array of fresh fish products across the Country.

Supporting local business efforts also allows us to do our best to uphold core community values, whilst ensuring the delivery of authentic foods farmed from traditional knowledge and practices. 

So go ahead and share the love of the Ocean with your family & friends -wherever you fancy.


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Got something different in mind?

If you are not part of the “Hospitality Industry”, we are more than happy to supply individuals for Christenings, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Funerals, Corporate Events, Office Parties, St. Georges, St. Patricks, St. Andrews & St. David’s Day Bashes.

Just email us with your requirements and we will gladly provide you with a personalised quotation in return.


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